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Very informative session, literally was a Million Dollars Worth of Game was dropped on everybody heads like getting posterized by Vince Carter. Took in so much valuable information, motivative AF! If you not gonna put in work, don't expect to get anything back! Looking forward to apply methods that were touched on, hopeful on getting more in the gritty. New hustle same principles!
December 14, 2023
Hey hands down the one of the best…
Hey hands down the one of the best webinars I’ve ever attended. I’ve never imagine that a ton of information would come out of it. Unlike other webinars I’ve attend that hold out on information promised, my man Taijaun gave us more knowledge than expected. Just the webinar alone is worth an investment and Taijaun is changing life Forreal!!! 💪🏾😎
Elite Athletic Chamber
December 13, 2023
5/5 Instagram Powerhouse Training
Just wrapped up a mind-blowing training, and I’m on cloud nine! Packed with more value than I thought possible. From unleashing the power of Instagram to actionable takeaways, it’s a game-changer. The excitement and energy? Through the roof! If you’re serious about Instagram success, this is your golden ticket. Practical, actionable and downright worth it. Kudos to Taijuan and IGHU for filling this training with a powerhouse of knowledge. 5/5 - A must for anyone wanting to dominate on Instagram! It’s not just a training; it’s a catalyst for IG success. Buckle up, implement what you learn and get ready to watch your page and pockets soar.
Kym Martin
December 12, 2023
Taijaun is the Real Deal
Taijaun is the real deal! I have never seen a masterclass webinar that actually shows you how to do it! Taijaun has made it so simple, I think anyone could walk away with enough to actually make 6 figures! if you want to mentored by someone who knows what they are doing, find Taijaun by any means possible!
Troy Zarger
December 12, 2023
My experience was great because applied… information changes situations !
My experience was great because applied information changed situations. This company does well breaking down step by step how to obtain success through their method. I’m not able to purchase anything myself, but I guarantee I will be next to get a plaque and on the path to financial freedom and generational wealth. Thank you brother for the free game, the game sold not told and you blessed us here tonight.
December 11, 2023
If I could put 10 stars I would!!
If I could put 10 stars I would!!This free webinar was worth its weight in GOLD! I attended TWICE and gained different nuggets from it. Taijuan is legit and knows his stuff! The information shared is enough to successfully start to monetize on instagram. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!! Thank you!!
Jessica DaCosta Pereira
December 6, 2023
Taijaun is the Real Deal
Taijaun is the real deal! I have never seen a masterclass webinar that actually shows you how to do it! Taijaun has made it so simple, I think anyone could walk away with enough to actually make 6 figures! if you want to mentored by someone who knows what they are doing, find Taijaun by any means possible!
Troy Zarger
December 5, 2023
ECSTATIC!!!!! I have been watching money making and business opportunity webinars for the past 9 years. I have never experienced a webinar so transparent and so fully loaded with useful and current strategies! What I truly appreciate that this was not your typical webinar full of fluff. This webinar was definitely not a time waster where 99.9% of it was just an origin story.
December 5, 2023
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first sale
Verlens Francois.
Yvone Nji
kerry adams
Frame 2
D Angela
Amanda 3
Amanda 2
Amanda 1
if i can do it anyone can
first post
some motivation
super stoked
I have 4k views on a 5 second
Shaketa Williams-IG Money Challenge
Tiffany Baccus (2)-IG Money Challenge
Kehinde Olatunji-IG Money Challenge
Rudy Lozano-IG Money Challenge
Valentia Alleyne
already close to 10K followers
Ash Halliburton
I'm excited to have gotten 10kt views on a post from 2 days ago!
Megan Grace
Soleil Grant
program I made $300 the first day
small win
love how things are going
it was eye-opening and the best yet!
I got my first sale
My theme page hit 10k tonight!!
I make a calm $750 from digital products only.
made $400+ on my first ad and gained 320
viral. I've gotten almost 400 followers in the last three days.
my 4th week I'm at 194 followers and I have 3 vids
I have 25 followers now & starting to see more engagement
I now have 9,000+ followers.
The process works: 3-5 posts a day and consistency
800 followers in 3 days! 00 0 0 . Mostly from ONE post from yesterday!!
just hit 100K since the new year
I just hit 600! posts followers 1,402
Finally got my 1st 20 followers!!
Trust the process. Believe It will payoff
This is amazing thanks for those gems
I'm up to 45 followers!!
tera poteet 600 followers
New 32k followers milestone
10k followers in 3 weeks
Purchase offer
18k in 3 months
3x in the last 90 days
4000 followers in 5 days
200k views posts
paola m
golfswinguide 2k followers
2 downloads on Gumroad
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Advice & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Theme Page?

A theme page is a "Faceless page that posts specific content for a specific group of people".

These are typically pages that repost content that's already surfacing the internet onto this one page.

Can I start multiple Instagram Theme Pages?

Absolutely you can, however we recommend you focus on one. Until you have that fully up & running , generating income on autopilot - we recommend against starting multiple.

How long does it take to start a Theme Page?

As long as it takes for you to download Instagram on your phone (if you don't already have it), and sign up for an account is as long as it takes for you to start your theme page.

Now strategically starting one may take a little longer, but ultimately the process is the same as creating an Instagram account.

What kind of Instagram Theme Page should I start?

You can start ANY kind of theme page you'd like. We recommend starting one that's in a niche that has the potential to make money, while also being ini a niche that you (actually) are interested in.

Should my Theme Page be a personal account or business account?

It should be a professional account, in order for you to get the ability to view insights on each and every post.